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I have another review of a restaurant in Lagos and this is about The Metaphor, Victoria Island you can check out my previous ones here

Everyone has been here and before trying it out , I checked my go to website for food reviews in Lagos https://www.eatdrinklagos.com/. Now the review here was not encouraging enough, but honestly what drives me to check out new places is the content and images I could create from the aesthetics and less about the food.


Speaking of aesthetics, the outdoor of this restaurant is not the best honestly, its very obvious this was a house turned into a restaurant, but inside, that’s where you have all the good stuff. (While typing this post, i realized I did not take enough images showing the decor, sigh).

The Metaphor Lagos Restaurant
They really made good use of the space in this house, pretty much every corner had a dining area the place is properly curated and indoor aesthetics are on point . 8/10

Now for food, I am very boring with my choices because I’m just picky and not everything tastes nice to me, so I stick to basic stuff. So this time, I decided to try something new, that I would not normally take. I had the Jamaican Beef Soup and i regretted it #sad lol

Don’t take this food review to heart though, because my friend tried it and it was not all bad, although her Pesto Pasta was really well done and tasted nice 7/10

Service was not great, we pretty much had to call out to the waiters to be noticed, but they were very polite at least.6/10.  Would I come here again? Maybe, but honestly just for the pictures i’m not ready to explore with food again. If it doesn’t have chicken or fries in it, count me out.

That’s all about The Metaphor Lagos, Tap here for more reviews. CIAO!

  • Have you visited The Metaphor Lagos before?
  • Would you visit soon if you have not?
  • How was your experience here, if you have?

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– ZO.


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