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Its been a while and I really hate when I have to start my posts like this,anyways I hope everyone has been great so far.

This post is long overdue! I mean, i’ve been wanting to go to the south for a while now, mostly because it has a really catchy name and i read somewhere that it’s a New Orleans inspired restaurant offering Southern American dishes, who wouldn’t want to try this out in Lagos.

So let’s start with this review!

Address – 92b Younis Bashorun street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

I made plans with my friend Karo to visit and the first thing i would like to point out is the building is hidden. It can easily pass as a house if not for the logo above it.

When you go in the first thing you’ll see is the set of swings outside, thats where my content making started and Karo joined me.

The waitress inside was just staring at us like “who are these people” lol. I’m so used to that look, I’m not even bothered.

The interior decor is amazing with very good use of neutral tones (my fav). I love every inch of this place.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset[/caption]

After about 30 minutes of more content making (yes 30 minutes 😊)
We decided to place our orders.

So the menu is not packed with a lot, well it is, but just with dishes with fancy names and i learnt the hard way not to order food because the name sounds nice (don’t judge, you’ve done it too) The pricing is pretty decent when compared to other restaurants.

I already searched for their menu online so knew what i wanted “Roasted bone Marrow” sadly it wasn’t available, so i ordered a plate of “Boneless wings” and “french fries” while karo (after minutes of indecisiveness lol) ordered the “Herb roasted chicken” and “Basmatik rice” on the side. We both got ginger beer for drinks.

Side note- the fries and basmatik rice are not on the menu (for reasons best known to them) but they are available.

The wings were nice, nothing special though but the fries were the best i’ve ever had and Karo wasn’t really loving her chicken but the basmatik rice wasn’t all bad.

So for their interior decor and aesthetics, i give them an A but the menu a B, although Karo gives them a C, but just for that meal, i’ll still need to try more dishes to decide properly.

So that’s my review.

The south eatery and social house is a really cool spot in Lagos, and I forgot to mention, our waitress was very nice and polite, everyone was even.
You should check it out if you haven’t and I’m definitely going to stop by again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll love to here from you in the comments section.

.Would you love to visit the South?
.What item on the menu would you like to try out?
.What are you most peculiar about when visiting a restaurant for the first time?

Be sure to drop your comments below!

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  1. back again😃 I’m actually more focused on your outfit 🤩lol but I’ll definitely try this place it looks really good..

  2. South eatery is such an intricate space. I’ve been there just once for my birthday brunch out, and I particularly remember being fascinated about the swings & interior decor, would definitely visit again once I got the chance! ✨

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