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How’s everyone doing? Amazing I hope. Remember in my last post I said I was going to develop a habit for being consistent with posting here and I finally have, so expect a lot interesting content from me (its about time you subscribed if you haven’t 😊)

So, its plaid season for me!!!

I have always been a huge plaid enthusiast but I got bored, then the trend came back in full force and i’m on board again

What I love about it is how something so simple can make a huge statement when styled right. Funny enough I never really liked wearing plaid pants (just shirts); heck i never liked wearing pants with any print on them. My new  love for plaid has changed all that and I would wear this everyday if I could (well I can🤔 but then people would think I have a problem so, lol)











Its just makes sense that I do at least two posts on this and this first one features just plaid pants. Especially when its a bit big or like a palazzo even; that’s one hell of a statement you’ll be making. Since there’s already enough going on at the bottom, you can go simple with the top like I did or still mix and match and go crazy (its allowed)
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Hope you like this look and watch out for the next one.

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  • What is your take in this trend?
  • How would you style it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “How to Style Plaid – Plaid pants”

  1. I personally don’t like to wear any pants with prints but I love how you have style this plaid pants. Very Chic

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