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Been a while, and that is mostly because I haven’t developed a habit for being consistent with my blog posts; but i’m working on that so expect an improvement soon.

So, I started a series of “things to do in NYC”(when I was still at NYC) and I kicked it off with this post here(you should check that out). By the title you can already tell where this post is about, Chelsea Manhattan.

Now, the main reason why I even found myself in Chelsea, and how I discovered the other places i’ll be talking about was because of New York Fashion week. Rumor has it that Pier 59 studios in chelsea always hosts shows during that season. So if you find yourself in NYC or anywhere close and its Fashion Week season, be sure to stop by and catch some of your favorite fashion bloggers,models and stylists strutting their stuff (lol). I shared a post on that here

Another place you want to check out is The High Line. Not just because the scenery is amazing (making it awesome for photoshoots, check my pictures below) It’s also one of Manhattan’s most popular attractions as NYC’s only elevated park giving passers by the best view (it’s 1.45 mile long).

Interesting fact – It used to be a railway track which went out of use in 1980.

The next place you  want to check out is The Chelsea Market, and guess what, It’s just below the High Line so you’ll definitely kill two birds with one stone. Interesting fact, this market is a combination of almost 20 buildings and has a lot of secret passageways (which made miss my way a lot) with a really interesting history behind it too.

The market is a huge shopping mall and restaurant hub with over 30 vendors and it has an amazing interior. You will definitely see a lot of people here, including celebrities like Jake Mclaughlin, the guy from the series “Quantico” (Ryan booth); I saw him but he was too far from me so no fan girl pictures #sad.

If you’re a lover of art (like me) there are a ton of art galleries to visit but the one I had been itching to see was the David Zwirner Gallery. Now this is not too far from the other places mentioned (I visited them all in a day). It’s a contemporary art gallery with amazing exhibitions.


There you have it, a  couple of things you can if you ever find yourself in Chelsea, Manhattan.

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