Hey guys! Happy New Year!

I hope you have all been great and the new year has been good to you all so far.

So I’ve been in NY for a while now (probably obvious through my posts on Instagram, follow me here), and I’ve decided to do a few posts of some tourist attractions/places to visit/things to do when in New York and I’m kicking of this series with my visit to SoHo,Manhattan.

I’ve been trying to decide on the best day for this but the weather has not been good to me. (It has made me appreciate the weather app on my phone cause I honestly never used to use it). Today was good,it was sunny and about 40 degrees,so we headed out (I and my sister)

SoHo is a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan popular for being the location of many designer boutiques, upscale chain stores and high-end art galleries with elegant cast-iron-facades and cobblestone streets that makes it the perfect backdrop for a shoot location (saw two other bloggers creating content when I got there ,lol).

Took some pictures of what the streets look like, below!

While searching for places to check out, I decide to target two spots that soho is popular for, restaurants and art galleries. Our first stop was this Mexican restaurant, ‘Lupe east la Kitchen’.I really loved the blue and pink aesthetics, that’s actually what attracted me to go there.

We decided to get something light and ordered off the brunch menu. Tarquitos and Cazulitas

Next stop was ‘Lumas Art Gallery’. It’s one of the many galleries in SoHo popular for housing paintings, illustrations and art works portraying fashion, lifestyle, architecture, still life and so much more.

Check out some works I captured below.


After this,we were tired and the weather started to act funny so this was our last stop.

Overall, I love SoHo. I look forward to visiting more places there.

I hope you like the content in this post and I’ll be sharing more lifestyle content with places to visit/things to do when in NY,so watch this space.

Did you find this post interesting? I’ll love to read your comments  below. What spots do you check out when visiting new places? Comment below!

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