Hey guys! How has your week been?I spent half of mine attending Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 at Eko Atlantic and it  was LIT; i’ll be sharing a post on that soon, but i’ll post on my outfits first starting with day 1.

Street style from New York Fashion Week basically inspired this look, I’ve been so obsessed with getting a pair of track pants ever since,and this classic kind,not just anyone. I’m not really a fan of hats, I probably own just two face cap’s and that’s it but Baker boy hats have stolen my heart and I see myself wearing them in so many posts already.

Another piece i added is the fanny pack.Never had a reason to consider them as a fashionable piece, but i’m a huge grunge enthusiast so its easy for me to obsess over 90’s trends that make their way back into our lives.I love how they make you so effortlessly cool.


So yeah ,i’m obsessed with all this trends and it made sense to create a look featuring each one.

Let me know your thoughts on this look and if you attended LFDW 2017, comment on some of the highlights for you. I’ll love to read from you all.

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Track Pants and Baker boy hat to LFDW DAY 1”

  1. I thought that this look was everything. The track pants are so chic, and I bet they’re really comfy too. Looking forward to getting track pants too just because you slayed in this. Plus those baker boy hats are the perfect accessory. Body goals btw !!!

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