Hey guys!

So last week I took a trip to another art studio. I didn’t really plan to go there (recently just found out about it), but I just thought i stop by and I was so happy I did.

The studio is owned by Polly Alakija (author, muralist and artist; popular for her mural of Nigerian women on the pillars of Falomo bridge, amongst other amazing works worldwide) and is located at the main entrance of Park view estate Ikoyi. The first thing that attracts you to the studio is this beetle at the entrance, then you just have to go inside to see what else is in there.

The studio was literally food to my eyes (hence the title). I had no idea what area to look at first, but I got my phone out to start documenting all the amazing works I saw.

She is known for creating amazing art on unusual objects (molues, ferry’s, buses, etc) so I wasn’t surprised to see paintings on a canoe, jerry can, piano and the other objects she painted.

There were paintings and pictures of girls, mothers carrying their children, kids on their way to school and many other drawings and illustrations.

There are also items sold at the studio at various prices

The studio is just too beautiful and filled with so much art. If your a fan of art like me or you looking for somewhere nice to visit, this is one place to check out.

I hope you guys like this post and i”ll love to read your comments on this. Also feel free to share your experiences or views about other studio’s you’ve visited.

Enjoy the rest of your week. xo


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