Hey guys! So last weekend I finally visited the Nimbus art gallery above the Bogobiri Art House. The first thing that caught my eyes was this stack of  album Cd’s from popular musicians in the 90’s. It was so cool seeing them all together, that particular room was filled with tons of books and  Cd’s.


The main gallery was filled with sculptures, ankara art and a lot of art works with reference to Fela, amongst others.

People there were so nice, the guy at the art gallery showed us other areas of the house apart from the gallery like the stage (one of them) they use for  their Open Mic Night on Thursday’s, room where they sell some stuff, hotel and restaurant as well.


Literally every inch of that place was intentionally built to depict contemporary African art from the use of yellow bus parts for the exterior decor of the gallery to even the rest rooms in the restaurant. (sigh)

The front view of the Hotel/Restaurant

If you’re a lover of art, this is one place you should visit. I hope you like this post and I would love to read your comments on this below.




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