So recently I felt the need to visit more places and go out more. I’m tired of spending my weekends going to the movies or having casual hang outs and based on the ginger from my friend Thonia i decided to add exploring new places to my list of things to do.

There are tons of places to visit in Lagos. Being a lover of art, I find those ones with a cool artsy ambiance very appealing. So when my friend recommended Nok by Alara, I was definitely interested.

Nok by Alara is on of the most fascinating restaurants to visit in Lagos, with its wide array of West African dishes and beautiful decor displaying contemporary art and design.  As i like to do before i visit  a place for the first time, i researched on it for location, meal prices, etc  and i already had locations in mind where i wanted to take pictures #bloggerinstinct lol.


So we finally set a date to go there and they were serving dishes from the brunch menu when we arrived. Seeing as we came there basically to explore and embrace the beauty of the place we didn’t mind having that, although we would have preferred the lunch menu instead.

I had lime cake and vanilla ice cream, Thonia had the bread basket and sauce which she wasted lol.

After eating, we started our photo sessions #verykey.

I’m a sucker for photo walls, so there was no way I was leaving without taking a picture here.

No way I was skipping this beautiful orange wall either.




Hope you like the pictures and I’ll love to read your comments on this restaurant.





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