Hey guys!

So I decided to take advantage of the previous summer break and engage in some tourist activities 🙂 and I would like to share how I spent a little bit of my time touring the city of Manhattan.

Earlier that day, I and my sisters were skeptical about going cause of the weather forecast (it was bound to rain) but we decided to anyways since we slyed the journey before for the same reason.

We took the train and when I saw it was 22 stops to Manhattan I literally wanted to cry. My sisters were already set with their earpiece and phones ready to jam up all through the journey but no one reminded me to take mine, I legit felt betrayed lol. Luckily we arrived at Time Square in about 45 minutes and trust me to get my phone ready for pictures.






I really loved the scenery.Its a very commercial neighborhood with a lot of beautiful and innovative billboards and advertisements and you have a large number of people moving from one place to the other.

After a long search for where to eat (there a lots of eateries but we were picky) the rain began to start and we found ourselves at Ruby Tuesday.


I decided to try something new, and I ordered the hickory bourbon chicken, but I regretted that choice after just one bite and found myself digging into my sisters plates instead :))






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