This post is all about the denim jacket 🙂

Almost everyone has one but I got mine just a few months ago, and this jacket has done justice to my wardrobe lol. This purchase has definitely been long overdue, I just could not find a store selling one in an XXL size but when I finally found a store I got this off the guys section and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

I just love how no matter how simple your outfit is , styling it with a denim jacket just leaves you looking stylish and you barely need too much accessorizing. This is one 90’s trend that can never end (like that’s even possible) and I urge you to get one (if you don’t have any yet)

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Hope you like this post and I’ll love to read your comments on this trend below.

Have a blessed week ahead.










Outfit Details

Tote bag – Kstotebags

Denim Jacket – Agile denim

Boots – Charlotte Russe

Skinnys – Thrifted



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