Hey guys!

I’m so excited today because i get to relaunch my blog (FINALLY!!!). The wait for this new site to be ready was almost unbearable (lol), but the fresh start with the blog was needed and I had enough time to plan better and identify exactly how i wanted everything to be and also what i wanted for myself as a blogger.

One thing I struggled with was finding a new name for the blog. This is one the most important things to address but also one of the most annoying things too.

I actually stayed up some nights thinking about different names but that didn’t come easy cause i was very picky and there were certain words i didn’t want in the name. I originally wanted to use my name for the blog, i really liked the idea and it seemed very convenient but my names just didn’t sound right (lol). After giving it much thought and disturbing my sister day and night to think of names i could use (she got tired of me), i finally settled with the one I have now and i’m very very pleased with it 🙂

The Brown Bomber Jacket.

So I like jackets, almost all kinds and bomber jackets suit my personality well as they encompass the right amount of street wear and tomboy, so pulling off an outfit  like this was bound to happen sometime.

Bomber jackets are very comfortable and they work just very well with a dress as they do on jeans/skinnys. I also took advantage of the bandana choker which is a really cool go-to accessory and heels just seemed right to make to make the whole outfit work.

Hope you like this post and feel free to leave comments below. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!






Outfit Details

Bomber Jacket- Forever 21

Crop top -Asos

Heels – Konga Fashion

Bandana – Random store

Skinnys – Thrifted


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